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Identity Theft Recovery: Repair Your Credit Report After Identity Theft

Ali Zane is a credit repair expert, advocate, and author with nearly 20 years experience getting positive results for his credit repair clients.

Thousands of Americans are victims of identity theft every year. In addition to dealing with the feelings of vulnerability and hopelessness, we experience when confronting an act that has traumatized our life – this includes fighting creditors as well as credit bureaus who in recent years make it more difficult for victims like us to get their reports cleared!

iMax Credit Repair is here not only restoring faith but also financial freedom by providing comprehensive plans on combatting ID Theft through successful resolutions 95%+.

You can make your credit report more secure with these three steps. I’ll show you how in this blog post!

What is Identity Theft and How Does it Happen?

Identity theft occurs when someone has assumed your identity by forging an SSN card and photo ID with the name you use every day. This can and usually does negatively impact your credit score. Identity theft is a big problem, and it can happen to anyone. Identity thieves forge identification cards using your name in the hopes that they will be able to access some of what you have acquired – credit card numbers for example. This makes them an easy target if we know how preventative measures work on our side!

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For many people, their identity is compromised by big institutions. Hackers sell loads of data to criminal rings who will then assume someone’s name and start obtaining credit in that person’s name as well.

A lot can happen when you least expect it! We all know that life doesn’t always go as smoothly as we hope; the same goes for finances- sometimes if things don’t work out exactly how they should (or want), there may be consequences like losing money or having fraud committed against one’s accounts due to either ignorance on behalf of an individual victim/customer OR because large companies such as banks failed at maintaining adequate security thus allowing hackers access into personal information.

What to do About Identity Theft And How to Fix It

The FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) has provisions for identity theft victims, but if you don’t follow the steps below then credit bureaus and creditors have every right to reject your claim. Here are 8 Steps in my carefully crafted program that will remove any fraudulent items from an account with no adverse effect on future loans or improvements – something our company guarantees!

The 8 Steps to Removing Fraudulent Items from Your Credit Report

STEP 1 – Filing the FTC Identity Theft Affidavit

The first step to dealing with identity theft is lodging an affidavit at the Federal Trade Commission’s website. Make sure you include account numbers from your credit report, opening dates, and amounts involved in order for it to be accepted as a legitimate fraud/identity theft claim! The creditor may also reject this form if completed incorrectly or missing some details – beware of these potential snags before filing anything online.

STEP 2 – Filing an Identity Theft Police Report

Next, you will file a police report for identity theft with the local authorities. Make sure to take your ID and credit report if this is an in-person filing so that it can be entered on their website or submitted via email as well. Similarly, you should list each fraudulent account by creditor name/account number (e.g., “Card Number”), date opened, outstanding balance at the time of fraud — just like we did above while filling out our application forms!

STEP 3 – Preparing & Sending the Credit Bureau Identity Theft Dispute Letter

To dispute the fraudulent accounts, inquiries, and personal information with your credit bureaus you can use this FCRA compliant letter that requires them to act within 30 days of receipt. Below is a guide on what steps should be taken when customizing it:

A) How to dispute fraudulent and identity theft-related items:

In the event the account was opened by an identity thief then you can use “account fraudulently opened “as the dispute reason.

In the event an account opened by you incurred fraudulent charges, then you can use “account incurred fraudulent charges” as the dispute reason.

B) How and why to Put a Fraud Alert on your credit report:

Put in your cell phone number at the top of the letter and request that a Fraud Alert be put on your credit report. This will trigger a phone call to your cell phone anytime someone tries to apply for credit.

C) Where to mail the credit bureau identity theft dispute letters:

Experian Identity Theft:
National Fraud Victims Assistance
P.O Box 9554
Allen TX 3037

Equifax Identity Theft:
Consumer Fraud Division
P.O Box 740256
Atlanta GA 3037

Transunion Identity Theft:
Fraud Victims Assistance
P.O Box 2000, Chester PA 19016

D) What to include with the Identity Theft Credit Bureau Dispute Letters:

  • ID card copy
  • Social Security card copy
  • Utility bill copy
  • Federal Trade Commission Identity Theft Report
  • Filed Police Identity Theft Copy

STEP 4 – Disputing Identity Theft Accounts with the Creditors Directly

B) Send Each Creditor the following documents

  • Cover Sheet with your statement describing the event
  • ID card copy
  • Social Security card copy
  • Utility bill copy
  • Federal Trade Commission Identity Theft Report
  • Filed Police Identity Theft Copy

C) Submit and Wait

Wait 30 days for the creditors to investigate the claim and make a decision.

STEP 5 – What To Do if the Credit Bureaus and Creditors Fail to Remove the Fraudulent Information

It’s easy to get the credit repair you deserve. All it takes is filling a few reports and providing all of your documentation, but if that’s not enough- there are other ways for consumers like yourself who have been victims in identity theft cases can take action against their abusers by lodging complaints with regulatory agencies or courts directly through various consumer protection organizations such as The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

You’ll also be able to file disputes regarding 3 major bureaus: Experian®, Equifax®, TransUnion®, and creditors themselves! If any party fails/refuses to comply then they will receive an official response addressed specifically towards them which could entail anything from coupons off future.

STEP 6 – Preventing and Protecting Yourself From Identity Theft in the Future

Next, you may request the credit bureaus to freeze or lock your report so that no creditor can access it while you’re looking for a new place. If you apply for any more loans in the future, be sure to have your report unlocked in order to get at least some information about what type of debtors are good risks before deciding which company will work best based on those criteria, this way nothing holds anybody back!

Where to get your Credit Locks:
  • Experian.com: Their free credit monitoring service allows you to instantly lock and unlock your Experian report.
  • Transunion.com: Their monthly paid credit monitoring service allows instant locks and unlocks Equifax and Transunion.

STEP 7 – Reviewing Other Identity Theft Resource Centers (Optional)

Also, reach out to the income tax board in your state.

STEP 8 – Consider getting a new Social Security Number:

The Social Security Administration has a fraud hotline, and if you can’t get them to take care of your identity theft-related issues then after going up the chain of command they might agree on issuing a new SSN for you.

After this is done make sure three credit bureaus transfer all valid information from the old file into a new one–just call The Fraud Hotline below:


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