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General Credit Repair & Restoration

Do you feel stuck in the endless cycle of debt? Does your credit score seem to be going down, not up? Are you unable to get approved for a credit card, home, or car application?

Imax Credit can help! New clients can get their first session for free and an 87% chance of a credit score increase after just one phone call with our team!

Credit Repair for Home Mortgage & Refinancing

Want to apply for a home mortgage or refinance your home with better rates? We have you covered. We improve credit scores quickly to help you get the rates that are right for you.

Credit Repair for Business Loans

If your business needs a little extra boost, we’re here for you! Imax Credit’s years as a credit repair firm have helped hundreds of businesses like yours snag approvals. Let us work wonders on your credit score–we’ll take care of everything from improving past mistakes to building a new, clean credit history.

Looking to improve your credit score?

We have helped thousands remove negative credit items, improve credit scores, and have a proven track record of delivering results for thousands of clients in as little as 45 days.

Our Unique Process: How We Improve Credit Scores, Quickly!

Our team of expert credit repair specialists are primed to help you boost your credit score in as little as 45 days!

Phase 01

Free Credit Evaluation & Action Plan

We carefully inspect your current credit report and identify negative credit items impacting your credit score. Our credit repair specialists generate a custom action plan tailored to your specific situation and goals.

Phase 02

Dispute & Remove Negative Items

Our associate attorneys deal directly with creditors and bureaus to confirm negative credit marks and remove them for you. We even determine if legal action is needed, and leverage FCRA violations to help AA’s file legal paperwork & lawsuits too.

Phase 03

Maintain & Increase FICO Scores

We identify areas to max your credit score, like consolidating debt or lowering account balances, and even how to get approved for the best credit cards to rebuild your FICO score quickly and maintain credit health.

Credit Report Problems We Help Resolve

Recent Late Payments

  • Late Payments on Credit Cards
  • Late Payments on Mortgages
  • Late Payments on Auto Loans

Incorrect Negative Items

  • Removing Collections/Charge-offs
  • Removing Repossessions
  • Removing Foreclosures

Identity Theft Fraud

  • Fraudulent Charges on Accounts
  • Fraudulently Opened Accounts
  • Fraudulent Inquiries/Applications

Judson J.

Norwalk, CA

On November 19, 2021

Ali and his team are nothing short of amazing. I had a car repo on my credit which has haunted me for years. Not only did he get it removed but had it eliminated with no cost to me other than his service fee. Worth every penny and then some! THANK YOU!!!!

Tim C.

Las Vegas, NV

On October 10, 2021

I'm loving working with Ali. We've spoken off and on for years and I finally pulled the trigger to repair my credit. This is going along fair and reasonable. I'm very happy.

Binny M.

Bay Area, CA

On June 30, 2021

I've used Ali several times over the years for my own clients and he's been nothing short of amazing. He responds quickly, gives honest feedback, and is just straight up with you about each scenario you bring to him and whether it's worth the cost or not. It's very rare to do business with someone like Ali. I highly recommend him to everybody!

Shane B.

Elgin, OK

On February 18, 2021

Ali and his team work miracles! I had an American Express business debt that was being listed on my personal credit. Couldn't get anyone to remove it and Ali and his team got it removed in 4 months. Amazing, this guy is a lifesaver as a business owner I need my personal credit A+. Having business issues listed on personal credit during a pandemic is crazy. He works Miracles wish I could give him 10 stars!

Lazaro V.

Miami, FL

On February 3, 2021

Ali and team are by far the most professional credit repair company you can ever deal with. Because of his help I was able to get my credit from the 590s to over 700, you would not believe the doors this has opened for me!

Spencer S.

Torrance, CA

On June 29, 2020

Ali and Imax Credit couldn't have been more helpful. Not only did he take care of the negative items on my reports (and fast too), but he also let me know what I could do to fix other areas and build up my credit. If you've got credit issues try a free consultation it just might change your life!  

Hi I'm Ali Zane, my team’s cutting-edge process is guaranteed to restore your credit and increase your credit score in as little as 45 Days.

CEO, Credit Advocate

Actual Deletion Letters We've Sent That Produce Results

Here are some dispute results we’ve achieved for clients whose financial dreams we’ve made a reality. These are actual deletions letters from creditors & credit bureaus that have delivered results for our clients.

Free Credit Repair Self-Help Articles

Browse our selection of credit repair resources for tips, tricks, and self-help methods for improving credit scores quickly.

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