About Imax Credit Repair

Imax Credit Repair was established in 2004, raising the bar and setting the standard for ethical consumer credit repair. Our fast and effective credit repair services have helped clients get approved for home, car and business loans.

We’re located in Los Angeles but offer services nationwide.


Back in 2003, our CEO Ali managed and operated his uncle’s mortgage business when he realized how many clients they were turning away because of credit issues. Frustrated about this roadblock, Ali set out on his credit repair journey by fixing there client’s credit in order to get them approved for a home loan.

But then, during the 2008 financial crisis he lost everything. He lost his first home, luxury cars and his ability to make further purchases with his personal credit. He managed to keep his existing credit repair clients but felt lots of shame and unworthiness due to his own credit situation.

It was this experienced where Ali understood deeply what people who have credit issues were going through.

A Message From Our CEO

“Our society judges us based on our credit report and can prevent us from achieving our life goals. When I lost everything in 2008, I went down a deep rabbit hole learning a huge amount about the credit repair industry.

I learned about consumer credit laws that govern the credit bureaus, various creditors, and how collection agencies really work. I basically learned about the nuisances of credit repair and most valuably how the banks and credit bureaus interpret your credit report in terms of risk.

Overtime this became the foundation of Imax Credit Repair. Not only was I able to fix my own personal credit but was able to produce more effective results for my clients.

Since then, Imax Credit has taken off and scaled into a team of credit repair experts. I’m proud to say we have helped over 4,500 clients repair their credit, helped over 3,800 loans get approved and removed 31.9 million in debt from credit reports.

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Our Leadership

Certified Credit Repair Consultant & Owner

Ali Zane – CEO & Founder Speaker | Credit Repair Advocate

Ali Zane has been helping people repair their credit since 2004. Prior to Imax Credit Repair, he held executive positions in the auto financing and mortgage banking industries. Drawing on his in-depth knowledge of finance and banking along with his credit repair expertise, he devised a credit repair program that focuses on helping consumers qualify for mortgage and business loans. Ali works closely with home lending specialists to improve Fico scores that result in loan approval for their clients.

Ali’s extensive contact network through Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and Chase provides his clients high-level access to resources that allow him to resolve their credit problems. Ali became involved in the credit repair industry following his concern for a lack of ethical and effective credit repair services for consumers and mortgage lending professionals. Ali writes extensively and is a sought out expert speaker on credit and finance topics. Start reading Ali’s articles here.

Strategic Coach & Business Development Advisor

William Terrazas – Strategic Coach & Business Development Advisor

William is helping guide the Imax Credit Repair passionate team to reach its strategic vision, scale, and establish itself as a leader in its industry through the integration of advanced technology, solid operations, digital marketing, and strong customer service.