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Want to apply for a home mortgage or refinance your home with better rates? We have you covered. We improve credit scores quickly to help you get the home that’s right for you.

Improve Credit Scores to get Home Mortgage & Refinancing Approvals

Are you looking to buy a house? Maybe start home remodeling? Or are you need help to refinance your house for better interest rates?

Whatever the reason may be, you should not let bad credit stand in the way of this life-changing financial decision. If you have less than perfect credit or no credit at all, it does not mean that there is no hope. Our company offers assistance with repairing and rebuilding your credit so that when the time comes to apply for a mortgage you have a creditworthy report standing in front of you.

One-Stop-Shop for Increasing Credit Scores

It is true that where there is debt you will find lenders willing to provide more credit. But what they do not always take into account is how long it took to repay past debts or even whether a full payment was made before extending more credit.

Imax Credit helps by removing negative items from your credit report quickly, ensuring your path to approval for Home Mortgage & Refinancing options is as fast as possible.

Our Proven Process for Increasing Credit Scores for Home Mortgages & Refinancing Applications

We take a white-glove approach to each credit report in order to maximize credit score increases, quickly!

Phase 01

We Remove Negative Credit Score Items

Our team of experts meet with you absolutely free of charge to discuss your current credit situation and how we can help.

Phase 02

We Optimize Your FICO Score

In addition to removing negative items like late payments and fraudulent activity, we provide an action plan on how to actively build your credit with new accounts and credit consolidation tactics.

Phase 03

Prepare For Home Mortgage & Refinancing Loan Approvals

Once your credit score is boosted and stable, we will help advise on the best options for the Home Mortgage & Refinancing loans and how to get approved quickly for the rates you're looking for.

Ready to Max Your Credit?

My team’s cutting-edge process is guaranteed to restore your credit and increase your credit score in as little as 45 Days.

– Ali Zane
CEO and Credit Advocate

Any Questions?

Our team of credit repair experts are just a click or call away.

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