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Sample Letters For Disputing Medical Bills On Your Credit Report

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A medical bill collection might appear on your credit report after receiving a huge bill following medical treatment. There is usually a one-year waiting period before a medical collection will appear in your credit report. In any case, having a medical collection can seriously harm your credit score.

However, if you are confident that this medical bill was incorrectly listed on your credit report, you can dispute it. The specifics of how to challenge medical bills are covered in this article.

What Is A Medical Bill Dispute Letter?

A letter used to dispute any discrepancies or inaccurate information about a medical collection on your credit report is known as a medical bill dispute letter. The document intends to alert the medical organization that issued the bill and the credit bureau to the errors in the document and request that they are corrected.

Sample Of Medical Dispute Letter Templates

Medical bills can contain different errors, such as typos, duplicate charges, and charges for canceled procedures, which can impede getting the result you want. Thus you must execute it in the appropriate manner and format for the desired result.

A medical dispute letter can be addressed to the credit bureau or the collection agency.

Medical Collection Dispute Letter To Credit Bureau

If you need to send a medical collection dispute letter to a credit bureau because of incorrect billing or duplicate charging from the provider, here is a free dispute letter sample that will help.

Medical Collection Dispute Letter To Collection Agency: 

You may ask a collection agency to confirm a medical bill on your behalf under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

How To Write A Medical Bill Dispute Letter To The Credit Bureaus

Since you can dispute a medical bill on your credit report, here are four items to include in your medical bill dispute letter for the best results.

  1. Identify The Medical Collection Account

Providing accurate information about your medical collection is a critical step toward writing a good medical bill dispute. This will aid in the identification of your account during the resolution process. It will also help in determining whether a billing error caused the inaccuracies in dispute. Begin by providing precise information such as your bill account number, the date it was opened, who reported it, and information about the hospital, clinic, or health center for whose services you are being billed.

  1. Explain Why The Medical Bill Shouldn’t Be On Your Credit Report

Following that, you should clearly state that the bill was an error. This requires you to identify the particular issue in question and why the records need to be corrected. Some explanations you could mention, depending on your situation, are as follows:

  • You have already paid your debt, and the bill was sent to you by mistake.
  • Your identity was mistaken or stolen.
  • Insurance has already paid for the charge
  • You were charged the incorrect amount.
  • The billing account appears in your collection more than once.
  1. Introduce Your Attached Documentation

Documents that can be used as supporting evidence can be included with your dispute letter to support your claim. A copy of your credit report may be included.

  1. Request A Correction And End Your Letter

Finally, you must specify what action you want to be taken regarding the disputed bill. This can involve requesting that the credit agency erase the debt from your file or modify the account’s data. You could want to include some gratitude – for the time and effort that would be expended in resolving the conflict for you. Then, at the end of the letter, provide your name and signature.

Types Of Medical Bill Errors

Medical bill errors are common, but they can be avoided. Here are four frequent medical bill errors to look out for:

  • Incorrect Billing: Incorrect billing might take the form of receiving charges for a canceled schedule or omitting crucial information such as the patient’s contact information. This can result in the patient incurring an unnecessary medical bill charge.
  • Unbundling: This happens when a billing code designed to charge an operation as a group is utilized individually. It is unlawful and should be reported if you find it in your medical collection.
  • Duplicate Charges: This is when a provider invoices a patient for the same test, exam, treatment, or operation at least twice. It is usually the result of someone in their office failing to check to see if the patient has already paid for the service.
  • Wrong or swapped numbers: A typo (for example, an extra zero) or swapping the positions of two numbers can result in you paying for more service than you received from a medical provider.

What To Include With A Medical Bill Dispute Letter

While writing a medical bill dispute letter, some essential details should not be overlooked. They include:

  1. Details about the medical facility or organization that issued the bill
  2. Your personal information, including your full name, address, and phone number.
  3. The date the letter was written to show that it is recent.
  4. An introduction that introduces you and explains why you’re writing the letter.
  5. The point of dispute that explains all of the errors in the medical bill.
  6. A conclusion in which you request that the credit bureau do something for you, such as cancel the bill and provide a signature to validate and seal the letter.

Where Should You Send Your Medical Dispute Letter?

A disagreement letter for a medical bill is often sent to the billing department of the medical organization that issued the charge. It would be best if you also mailed it to each credit bureau’s specific address. Always check to see if there are any additional conditions or criteria before sending the letter.

Major Credit Bureaus Mailing Information

Experian Equifax Transunion
Experian P.O. Box 4500, Allen, TX 75013 Equifax  P.O. Box 740256, Atlanta, GA 30374-0256} Transunion,  Consumer Disputes, P.O. Box 2000, Chester, PA 19016

When Can You remove A Medical Bill From Your Credit Report?

All three credit bureaus began deleting cleared medical invoices from customers’ credit reports on July 1, 2022. Therefore the negative mark can be removed from your credit report if you have paid your medical bill in full.

What To Do If Your Medical Dispute Letter Doesn’t Work

Suppose you do not receive a suitable resolution after filing a medical dispute letter. In that case, you can use a credit repair agency like IMAX, a medical advocate who can work with your insurance company or doctor to find a settlement on your behalf. Another alternative is negotiating a discount with your medical provider to settle the amount.

Are Medical Bills On Your Credit Report A Violation Of HIPAA?

The presence of medical expenses on your credit record does not constitute a violation of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This is because HIPAA does not govern medical bill credit reporting; instead, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) does.

Information That Debt Collectors Can Legally Share Under HIPAA

Personal information such as a patient’s name, social security number, address, date of birth, payment history, and account number are permitted to be lawfully shared by debt collectors under the HIPAA.

How To Keep A Medical Bill From Being Sent To Collections

To prevent having your medical bill sent to collection, you can form a payment arrangement with your provider in which you agree to pay the bill over a set time, typically six months, so that it is not sent to collection. Then, if the provider agrees, make sure you have it in writing as proof and that you keep your part of the bargain.

Send A Medical Debt Verification Letter To Your Debt Collector

A debt validation letter is a sort of legal demand letter that asserts your Fair Debt Collection Practices Act rights. As a result, you can send it to a debt collector to formally request that the debt they are attempting to collect be validated.

Request To Validate Medical Debt

Requesting that a collector validate your medical debt is your first opportunity to establish your rights before your debt collectors. As a result, it must include the amount owed and the creditor’s identity.

Note that unless the consumer delivers a debt validation letter within 30 days, the collector will believe the debt is valid. If you send the collector a debt validation letter, they must mail you the original with the creditor’s name and address.

How To Negotiate Medical Bills With Collectors

Negotiating a medical bill before it goes to collections is always advantageous to you. This will save you money and allow you to fix the bill before it becomes a negative item on your credit record. Here are four methods for negotiating medical bills before they go to collections.

  1. Request a price reduction: If you can pay the amount in full, asking for a discount will get you an excellent offer. This is profitable to both you and the medical organization since it saves you money by keeping your bill out of collections and saves them time and resources spent searching down payment in theri records.
  2. Inquire about a payment plan: Getting a discount and paying upfront may not always be possible. You can, however, use a payment plan. Most providers provide payment plans in which you can agree on a reasonable payment schedule, which will aid in keeping your bills out of the collection.
  3. Obtain financial aid: You can enquire about financial aid alternatives with your provider. This program is commonly available to persons who cannot afford medical bills. However, make sure that the terms and conditions are met.
  4. Choose a lower-cost treatment: Take the time to shop around for different medical treatment; you might be surprised at the range of prices available in your area. Depending on your insurance company, you may be able to compare rates from other providers and choose the cheapest.

Use Dispute Letters For Medical Bills Successfully

Contesting medical bills legally saves you a lot of mental and financial stress. However, make sure you follow the guidelines and write the dispute letter correctly.

As an added benefit, always keep it brief and to the point. If your efforts fail, make sure to seek a lawyer.

Ali Zane – CEO & Founder Speaker

Ali is a credit repair advocate with nearly 20 years of experience providing his clients with high-level access to resources that resolve their credit problems. Ali became involved in the credit repair industry following his concern for a lack of ethical and effective credit repair services for consumers and mortgage lending professionals. He has written extensively on credit/finance and is a sought-after public speaker.

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