Improve Credit Scores to Purchase a House

Are you looking to purchase a house, but are having trouble because of bad credit? Have no fear! Our credit repair specialists can help you repair your credit quickly so you can buy your dream home.

You can’t purchase a house with bad credit. We can fix this for you.

We can provide you with a transparent and concise credit restoration service that will get your score back up in no time. If you’re looking to purchase a home within the next few years, we’ll help you become an attractive prospect for banks and prospective lenders who want to work with individuals who have proved they can manage their financial responsibilities in the past.

No Upfront Fees – Free Credit Repair Consultation

No two credit reports are equal. We start every client with a free and confidential consultation so that we can thoroughly examine and design a custom action plan that is designed to help you purchase a home more quickly.

We don’t just help clients get better credit scores. We help them understand their credit scores and the factors affecting it, so they can make smart financial choices to improve long-term outcomes.

Our Proven Process Increases Credit Scores for Home Buyers

We take a white-glove approach to each credit report in order to maximize credit score increases, quickly!

Phase 01

We Remove Negative Credit Score Items

We identify and actively work on your behalf to remove any negative items currently damaging your credit score.

Phase 02

We Optimize Your FICO Score

In addition to removing negative items like late payments and fraudulent activity, we provide an action plan on how to actively build your credit with new accounts and credit consolidation tactics.

Phase 03

Prepare For Purchasing a Home

Once your credit score is boosted and stable, we will help advise on the best options on how to secure your dream home and how to get approved quickly for the rates you're looking for.

Ready to Max Your Credit?

My team’s cutting-edge process is guaranteed to restore your credit and increase your credit score in as little as 45 Days.

– Ali Zane
CEO and Credit Advocate

Any Questions?

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