Museums in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is popularly known for modern, shiny, and new things, but the city also boasts some of the best museums. Visiting one or several museums can give you a memorable experience regardless of what brings you to LA. Most museums in Los Angeles feature extensive outdoor areas on the hillside or parks that you can enjoy while exploring. This post shares details of some of the best museums in LA. Learn information about Los Angeles, CA.

Getty Center

Getty Center is one of the museums that offers something for everyone. The museum features art, modern designs, unusual gardens, and great city views. It offers free admission and, at times, requires timed-entry reservations. If you are an art enthusiast, you can explore centuries of art, from the medieval ages to today, from the Museum North Pavilion. Discover facts about Top Theme Parks in Los Angeles.

The museum is also home to changing exhibitions located on the North, South, and West pavilions. The exhibitions feature art from international museums and Getty’s collections. You can also take a souvenir of your tour home with you. You can get art-inspired novels, toys, postcards, and books. These are within the museum’s entry hall. In addition, you can get some fresh air and view the Getty Center’s unique architecture and fountains in the museum’s courtyard. You can grab your light lunch or snack at the nearby kiosks.

Grammy Museum

We are all familiar with the Grammy Awards, but visiting the Grammy Museum gives you a better picture. The museum is a celebration of music of all forms. It features exhibits and interactive experiences for all visitors. It educates about the history and significance of American music while inspiring the next generations to explore and create new music based on the roots that have existed for centuries. It also teaches how the Grammy award has evolved.

The museum also features permanent exhibits like the On the Red Carpet. It allows you to explore the original clothing worn on the GRAMMY Red Carpet and stage. You can also stop by Mono to Immersive Experience Room and listen to how the sound of recorded music has evolved. In addition, you can discover the history and interconnectivity of different music genres at the Crossroads table.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Do you fancy strange and unique things? If so, you should spare a day to visit the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in Hancock Park. It’s a perfect destination, and you can rest assured you’ll stumble on different things during your visit. Urban Light is one of the famous and unique installations in the museum. It features a collection of vintage street lights that you might have only seen online. 

The Levitated Mass is also a must-see installation. It’s a massive rock installed on top of a walkway and a fun spot to take photos and try to interpret art. In addition, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art also has a gallery area dedicated to the unique works of Pablo Picasso.

The above are a few of the museums in Los Angeles. The city is home to many museums, with most offering free admission on select days. Therefore, it’s vital to do your research before visiting.