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Being one of the most expensive places to live, the cost of living in Beverly Hills can take a toll on an individual’s finances. In fact, Beverly Hills ranks as one of the metro areas with the lowest credit scores, falling way below the national average of 711. More than half of the residents of Beverly Hills have a poor credit score and are in need of credit repair services.

Imax Credit helps the residents of Beverly Hills and beyond improve their credit scores and maintain a stable financial future. From evaluating credit histories to disputing negative items, we have helped countless individuals boost their credit scores and enjoy luxurious living in Beverly Hills. 

What Affects Your Credit Score?

A lot of ingredients come into whipping up your credit score. These include your payment history, debts, length of accounts, late inquiries, credit mixes, and new credit accounts. Any mistake, inconsistencies, or negative items in each of these can hurt your credit score and make you ineligible for home and auto loans or new credit cards. 

It’s important that erroneous and negative items are wiped off of your record to increase your credit score and unlock opportunities to make smart financial decisions. 

Beverly Hills Credit Score Facts

Beverly Hills is home to the most luxurious real estate, with homes averaging $4.8M and rent costing as much as $6.5K. The high cost of living makes the metro prone to high levels of debt, confirmed by credit bureau Experian, who released a report that shows Beverly Hills has the highest average debt per consumer ($28,240). Consequently, Beverly Hills also has the lowest credit score among the top 20 metros in the United States, with an average score of 566.

These facts make it apparent that credit repair is a necessity in Beverly Hills. Especially due to the inflated prices of real estate, residents need to boost their credit scores to unlock home loans at low-interest rates so they can optimize their expenses and increase their savings. 

Fast Credit Repair Beverly Hills Services

Credit repair is a long and complex process, but our team of specialists and attorneys here at Imax Credit have a track record for providing fast and efficient service. We can help you increase your credit score in a span of 45 days, allowing you to get back on track quickly and unlock more opportunities to grow your assets and achieve financial stability. 

Our tried, tested, and proven process gets results fast! From evaluating your credit history and identifying negative items to working with your creditors to dispute and remove them, our team of credit repair specialists can get you results in no time. 

Why Work with iMAX to Repair Your Credit

Imax Credit is the #1 credit repair firm in Beverly Hills and beyond. We offer comprehensive credit repair services, from general credit repair and restoration to credit repair for home mortgages or business loans. Our specialists create tailored action plans to remove negative items in your credit report and boost your FICO score quickly. 

We also take the extra mile and identify areas to maximize your credit score, such as debt consolidation or lowering account balances. With iMax, you can increase your FICO score fast and maintain it! We offer a free evaluation of your credit history. Request a credit evaluation today. 

Benefits of Hiring a Local Company in Beverly Hills, CA

Credit repair is a complex process that requires specific knowledge and expertise. In hiring a local credit repair Beverly Hills company, you can ensure that the process is navigated in the best way possible to yield real results. 

With iMax, you can guarantee that you will see your credit score increase in a short span of time and be able to: 

  • Secure home, auto, and business loans at low-interest rates 
  • Increase your savings and achieve financial stability 
  • Get a higher credit limit for your credit cards 
  • Maintain good credit health and standing 
  • Never worry about low credit again. 

Our Credit Repair Process

Our unique and proven process has helped hundreds of Beverly Hills residents improve their credit scores and unlock new financial opportunities. When you work with us, our specialists go through three phases of the credit repair process.

Phase 1: Free Credit Evaluation and Action Plan 

We offer a free credit evaluation where our specialists will take a look at your credit report and history to identify any negative items, inconsistencies, or mistakes that are hurting your credit score. From their findings, they tailor a personalized action plan to resolve all your credit problems no matter where you’re located in Los Angeles. 

Phase 2: Disputing and Removing Negative Items 

Our credit specialists and associate attorneys work directly with your creditors and lending institutions to dispute negative credit items and remove them. In case legal intervention is needed, our lawyers are equipped to leverage state and federal laws and identify FCRA violations to build a solid case. 

Phase 3: Maintaining and Increasing FICO Scores 

We go the extra mile and identify ways you can maximize your credit score. Whether through consolidating debt, lowering your account balance, or helping you secure better credit card terms, we find ways to rebuild your FICO score and maintain good credit standing. 

Improve Credit Score Today

Improving your credit score paves the way to more financial milestones. Maximize your opportunities and secure your future with iMax. Get a free credit evaluation today.

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