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Los Angeles, California is one of the most beautiful places to live, but it’s also one of the cities that have the highest costs of living. In 2021, the State of California had an average credit score of 703, a little below the national average credit score of 711. 

Because of the standards of living in Los Angeles, it’s easy to get entangled in financial issues that cause credit scores to tumble. Hence the importance of managing debt, improving credit, and building a solid financial foundation for the future. 

Individuals with a high credit score are well on their way to a bright financial future, getting the perks of lower interest rates for home and auto loans and expanding their life savings. If your credit score needs fixing, you’ve come to the right place. Imax Credit offers comprehensive credit repair services that help you increase your credit score in as little as 45 days!

How Does Credit Repair Work?

Late payments, incorrect negative items, and identity theft are among the biggest culprits that cause FICO scores to dwindle. Credit repair focuses on eliminating these problems in a credit report to boost FICO scores and help an individual maintain good credit moving forward. 

Free Credit Evaluation and Action Plan Formulation 

At iMax, our credit repair process begins with a thorough evaluation of our client’s credit reports. Our experts leave no stone unturned to identify any negative items that may be impacting their credit score. 

After determining the root causes, our specialists create a personalized action plan to solve credit issues, each tailored to our client’s specific needs, goals, and situations. 

Disputing and Removing Negative Items 

Within the action plan are efforts to dispute and ultimately, remove negative items on the credit report. We have a team of attorneys who specialize in credit report disputes, who communicate directly with the client’s creditors and loan institutions to resolve and remove negative items. 

In some cases, legal action may be needed, in which our associate attorneys have the experience and track record. We build a solid case against creditors and loan institutions, leveraging FCRA violations, state, and federal laws in our filings. 

Maintaining and Increasing Credit Scores 

Removing negative items goes a long way in increasing credit scores. But Imax Credit takes it a couple of steps further with efforts to maximize credit health. We do this through consolidating debt, lowering account balances, and helping our clients get approved for credit cards that will maintain and rebuild their FICO scores. 

Our Credit Repair Los Angeles Services

Our credit repair services encompass a wide range of situations and problems. We offer general credit repair and credit restoration, as well as specific services for home mortgages and business loans in all LA including Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Venice Beach, and Santa Monica. 

General Credit Repair and Restoration

A low credit score can get in the way of opportunities to buy a house or car, save for retirement, and build a stable financial future. Our team at Imax Credit offers tailored services to help individuals repair their credit scores and get approved for a housing application, car loan, or credit card. 

We remove erroneous information in credit reports and create an action plan to help our clients optimize their FICO scores and get back on track with their life goals. 

Credit Repair for Home Mortgage and Refinancing 

Individuals with a low credit score have a harder time getting approved for mortgage loans or are given higher interest rates. Our credit repair services for home mortgages and refinancing help clients rebuild their FICO scores to unlock opportunities to buy or remodel a home. By optimizing their credit reports, we put them well on their way to purchasing their dream homes. 

Credit Repair for Business Loans 

Starting a business requires a huge amount of capital, which is often obtained from banks and lenders in the form of a business loan. A low credit score can get in the way of approval, so aspiring business owners should first repair and optimize their credit scores. 

Imax Credit has a tailored credit repair service that specifically helps clients secure business loans and obtain the financing they need to kickstart their business ventures. 

What You Can Expect from Credit Repair Consultancy

Credit repair is easier said than done, with all the complex terms and bells and whistles involved in it. That’s why you need the help of experts to navigate your credit reports and history and advise you on the best ways to build and maintain your credit score. 

Our credit repair consultancy will evaluate your credit history and create a solid, concrete plan to eliminate negative items and optimize your FICO score. As a result of a higher credit score, you can get approved for home or auto loans at low-interest rates, own a business, boost your savings, retire early, and secure your financial future. 

Impact Of Credit Repair Scores On Financial Products

A high credit score allows you to unlock more opportunities to secure financial stability and freedom. Banks, lending companies, and other bureaus use credit scores as a threshold to determine whether or not to approve a loan application, as well as how much and at what interest rate. 

Individuals with low credit scores are charged higher interest rates for home, auto, or business loans, which puts a dent in their savings and extends their road to retirement. Further, an individual with a credit score that is below 630 will not be cleared for any funds or approved for any loan. 

Looking to improve your credit score?

We have helped thousands remove negative credit items, improve credit scores, and have a proven track record of delivering results for thousands of clients in as little as 45 days.

Frequently Asked Questions: General

No, here’s why you shouldn’t waste your time with credit bureau disputes.

A lot of misguided credit repair “experts” encourage consumers to dispute recent negative account claiming you’ll get a deletion “if the creditor does not respond within 30 days.”

In reality, this is one of the least effective ways of restoring credit.  And it doesn’t require any legal expertise. In other words you don’t need a credit repair company to do a credit bureau disputes.  You can do it yourself online.

Here’s why credit bureau disputes have become ineffective over the years.

Today, all the credit bureaus have modernized their systems and switched to automatic dispute verifications where they correspond with the creditor via their data exchange interface, E-Oscar. (Learn more about what credit bureaus are and how they work)

Hence, unlike in the older days, no phone calls or handwritten communication is exchanged between credit bureaus and creditors.

This interface verifies millions of accounts that are disputed by consumers every month in a matter of minutes.

Now a credit bureau dispute may only have a limited chance of working in a  where you a disputing an account that was closed several years old that the creditor has no  record of

Here at Imax , we use the most effective method of addressing questionable negative items. Instead of generic disputes. our associate attorneys sue creditors to get deletions.

We’re not the cheapest , but we are the the best and most effective at what we do

As we even go as far as suing the creditors and collection companies.

Unlike most companies, we have $0 upfront fees and charge only after results.

Our goal is to come up a customized solution for each clients needs.

Hence fees can vary by person and can range around few to several thousand dollars.

But our guarantee is , if we don’t restore your credit we do not charge.



Our process can generally take anywhere from 45 days to 180 days in most cases.

Our Edge:

1.Registed with Dept of Justice

2. $0 Upfront Fees

3. You only pay After results

4. 19 years of happy clients, without a single complaint.

5. Voted “Best of Yelp”

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Only paying off certain types of accounts will increase your score.


Paying off credit card balances will increase your score.


Paying off auto loans , mortgages and other loans .

Paying off collections (where the collection company does not explicitly state they will delete the account)

Paying off charge-offs .

We have $0 Upfront fees.

You only pay us AFTER results.

So if we don’t produce results, you are charged nothing.

We’ve got a perfect record for privacy and security

We are registed  with the California Department of Justice  and  we are bound by and follow  the same privacy and security standards that apply to any major bank or credit bureau

We are proud to say that unlike institutions like Equifax , Wells Fargo and Chase, who get hacked periodically and have lost peoples data,

we have never had a security breach  in the nearly 20 odd years of our existence.

Just like any company, in some instances we may work on a clients credit and not be successful.

However, if that happens, the client is not billed by Imax. Whereas other credit repair companies bill clients despite not producing results.

Given we only charge after results, we do our best to only take on clients where our chances of success are high.

We have a proven track record of successfully helping clients improve their credit scores.

We’ve been voted “Best of Yelp”

For over 19 years have had zero complaints with the Better Business Bureaus

Have helped  thousands of clients achieve financial  freedom

We are :  (Licensed, Bonded & Registered)

-Registered with the California Department of Justice  & Attorney Generals Office

-Registed with the California Secretary of State

– Fully bonded up to $100, 000 (as required by state law)

– Voted “Best of Yelp”

-Licensed with the City of Santa Monica and Los Angeles


Note:  These are the basic requirements for any local credit repair company to do business. Unfortunately the vast majority of credit repair companies do not meet these requirements.




We simply charge our clients AFTER producing results.

So there is ZERO chance of you spending money for no results.

If we don’t produce results,  then you don’t pay us.

If you’ve been scammed by a credit repair company, watch this video  on how you  can help you get your money back.

We’re  big proponents of quick self help fixes, before we advise clients to  hire us.

If you’re looking into self help before hiring us,  then a pay for delete may only work  for you if there is a collection account on your credit report.

Some collection companies are allowed by credit bureaus to delete accounts once paid .

However, you’ll need to ask  the collection company to see if they have a “pay for delete” policy.

Keep in mind, banks and lenders are not allowed to do a “pay for delete,” only certain collection companies are

However, here at Imax we specialize in getting items removed with “pay for delete ” strategy by suing creditors and collection companies .

Hence, if you can’t get a “pay for delete” done yourself,  then you’ll need Imax’s professional help.




Looking to improve your credit score?

We have helped thousands remove negative credit items, improve credit scores, and have a proven track record of delivering results for thousands of clients in as little as 45 days.