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We can help you with everything from filing police reports, engaging with creditors and credit bureaus, and taking legal action if need be.

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Theft of identity or having your personal information stolen can leave you feeling frustrated, especially if you’ve tried everything from filing police reports to engaging with creditors and bureaus, and no one is willing to listen or help.

If you discovered new accounts that have been opened in your name or unauthorized charges to your existing credit accounts you are more than likely a victim of identity theft.

What is Identity Theft?

Is when an individual or a group of individuals fraudulently opens up a credit account(s) in your name or they get access to your existing account(s) and start making unauthorized charges to your account(s). See below for examples.

An identity thief fraudulently opens up credit accounts in your name.

An identity thief, claiming to be you, opened an account in your name without your authorization or signature. The perpetrator could be someone you know, such as an ex-spouse, roommate, or family member, or it could be someone you don’t know, such as a hacker or a person who stole your mail.

An identity thief gains access to your account and makes unauthorized charges.

An identity thief gains access to your existing credit card or line of credit and makes unauthorized charges to that account. You contact the lender, but they claim that you are responsible for the charges and refuse to remove them.

What is not considered Identity Theft?

A dispute with a merchant, lender or a merged credit report mistake. See below for examples.

Dispute with merchant

For example, if you have an account with Verizon and you believe you closed it, but they are still billing you, this is considered a billing dispute, not identity theft, since there is no identity thief involved. You simply have a disagreement with the lender.

To resolve this issue, click one negative item to remove (one negative item) if you have one account. If you have (multiple negative items) click multiple negative items to get help from Imax Credit.

Dispute with lender

For example, if you have a credit card or finance account, the lender may overcharge you on interest and fail to apply your payments. This is considered a dispute with the lender, as there is no identity thief involved. Imax can assist with such disputes.

Click one negative item and select the one negative item If you have multiple negative items click multiple negative items.

Merged credit report (due to mistaken identity)

If you and your dad have similar names, his account may show up on your credit report. Or, accounts belonging to people with similar names may appear on your credit report. Credit bureaus merge identities of people with similar names, especially if they’ve lived in the same city or shared an address. This can result in a “merged credit report,” but it’s not considered identity theft.

If you’re experiencing this issue, iMax Credit can help. Fill out our contact form and leave a comment saying you have a “merged credit report issue.”

Why is identity theft hard to solve?

First, consumers often struggle to report identity theft under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) Section 623, 15 U.S.C § 1681s2(a)6(B). Secondly, credit bureaus and creditors receive many false claims and may assume a consumer is being untruthful.

Identity Theft Audit, Declare & Litigate Method™

ID Theft ADL Method™ is a 3-step proprietary process where we audit the client’s credit records, declare you as a victim of identity theft and then litigate the matter. This method has yielded us 100% success rates for clients with legitimate identity theft cases. 

Step 01


Audit the creditors and credit bureaus records. This helps us uncover how your identity got compromised and what information the creditor has that convinces them you are the responsible party and not the identity thief.

Step 02


Declare you as an Identity theft victim. The local and state authorities are notified that you area a victim of identity theft under FCRA. Section 623 , 15 U.S.C § 1681s2 (a) 6 (A) and (B), and the credit bureaus and creditors are sent you identity theft report.

Step 03


Our associate attorney help file suits or arbitrations based on violations we discover. This may cost the creditors and credit bureaus several thousands of dollars. Under such pressure they end up deleting the accounts. In certain instances, you may be entitled to some compensation as well.

Work With Us

Over 20 years we’ve perfected our industry first using the 3 steps ID Theft ADL Method™ which has yielded us 100% success rates for clients with legitimate identity theft cases.

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Frequently Asked Questions: General

No, here’s why you shouldn’t waste your time with credit bureau disputes.

A lot of misguided credit repair “experts” encourage consumers to dispute recent negative account claiming you’ll get a deletion “if the creditor does not respond within 30 days.”

In reality, this is one of the least effective ways of restoring credit.  And it doesn’t require any legal expertise. In other words you don’t need a credit repair company to do a credit bureau disputes.  You can do it yourself online.

Here’s why credit bureau disputes have become ineffective over the years.

Today, all the credit bureaus have modernized their systems and switched to automatic dispute verifications where they correspond with the creditor via their data exchange interface, E-Oscar. (Learn more about what credit bureaus are and how they work)

Hence, unlike in the older days, no phone calls or handwritten communication is exchanged between credit bureaus and creditors.

This interface verifies millions of accounts that are disputed by consumers every month in a matter of minutes.

Now a credit bureau dispute may only have a limited chance of working in a  where you a disputing an account that was closed several years old that the creditor has no  record of

Here at Imax , we use the most effective method of addressing questionable negative items. Instead of generic disputes. our associate attorneys sue creditors to get deletions.

We’re not the cheapest , but we are the the best and most effective at what we do

As we even go as far as suing the creditors and collection companies.

Unlike most companies, we have $0 upfront fees and charge only after results.

Our goal is to come up a customized solution for each clients needs.

Hence fees can vary by person and can range around few to several thousand dollars.

But our guarantee is , if we don’t restore your credit we do not charge.



Our process can generally take anywhere from 45 days to 180 days in most cases.

Our Edge:

1.Registed with Dept of Justice

2. $0 Upfront Fees

3. You only pay After results

4. 19 years of happy clients, without a single complaint.

5. Voted “Best of Yelp”

Watch this video to learn more

Only paying off certain types of accounts will increase your score.


Paying off credit card balances will increase your score.


Paying off auto loans , mortgages and other loans .

Paying off collections (where the collection company does not explicitly state they will delete the account)

Paying off charge-offs .

We have $0 Upfront fees.

You only pay us AFTER results.

So if we don’t produce results, you are charged nothing.

We’ve got a perfect record for privacy and security

We are registed  with the California Department of Justice  and  we are bound by and follow  the same privacy and security standards that apply to any major bank or credit bureau

We are proud to say that unlike institutions like Equifax , Wells Fargo and Chase, who get hacked periodically and have lost peoples data,

we have never had a security breach  in the nearly 20 odd years of our existence.

Just like any company, in some instances we may work on a clients credit and not be successful.

However, if that happens, the client is not billed by Imax. Whereas other credit repair companies bill clients despite not producing results.

Given we only charge after results, we do our best to only take on clients where our chances of success are high.

We have a proven track record of successfully helping clients improve their credit scores.

We’ve been voted “Best of Yelp”

For over 19 years have had zero complaints with the Better Business Bureaus

Have helped  thousands of clients achieve financial  freedom

We are :  (Licensed, Bonded & Registered)

-Registered with the California Department of Justice  & Attorney Generals Office

-Registed with the California Secretary of State

– Fully bonded up to $100, 000 (as required by state law)

– Voted “Best of Yelp”

-Licensed with the City of Santa Monica and Los Angeles


Note:  These are the basic requirements for any local credit repair company to do business. Unfortunately the vast majority of credit repair companies do not meet these requirements.




We simply charge our clients AFTER producing results.

So there is ZERO chance of you spending money for no results.

If we don’t produce results,  then you don’t pay us.

If you’ve been scammed by a credit repair company, watch this video  on how you  can help you get your money back.

We’re  big proponents of quick self help fixes, before we advise clients to  hire us.

If you’re looking into self help before hiring us,  then a pay for delete may only work  for you if there is a collection account on your credit report.

Some collection companies are allowed by credit bureaus to delete accounts once paid .

However, you’ll need to ask  the collection company to see if they have a “pay for delete” policy.

Keep in mind, banks and lenders are not allowed to do a “pay for delete,” only certain collection companies are

However, here at Imax we specialize in getting items removed with “pay for delete ” strategy by suing creditors and collection companies .

Hence, if you can’t get a “pay for delete” done yourself,  then you’ll need Imax’s professional help.